What is a brushed electric drill and what is the difference between a brushless electric drill?

Brushed electric drill

It means that the Cordless Hammer Drill 20mm Zhl-20 motor uses carbon brushes to contact the rectifying copper sheet on the stator to supply power to the coils of the motor rotor and cooperate with the stator to form a rotating magnetic field, which drives the rotor to rotate and form the drill bit to rotate.

Brushless electric drill

It means that the electric drill uses a brushless motor. The so-called brushless motor is because the rotor of the motor does not use a coil that generates a magnetic field. Instead, a magnet is used instead of the rotor winding to cooperate with the stator winding to generate a rotating magnetic field and electromagnetic torque to drive the drill bit to move.

electric drill

At present, most electric tools are powered by series-excited brush motors, because of their high output power, simple control circuit, but high noise, and short service life of carbon brushes. The use of brushless motors as the power of electric tools is still a matter of recent years. , The main advantages are low noise, relatively long service life, and convenient speed adjustment, but the control circuit is more complicated. Using brushless motors to replace the existing brush motors as the power of electric tools is a development direction.

1. The working principle of the electric drill is that the motor rotor of the electromagnetic rotary or electromagnetic reciprocating small-capacity motor does the magnetic cutting operation. The working device is driven by the transmission mechanism to drive the gear to increase the power of the drill, so that the drill can scrape the surface of the object. Pierce through objects.

2. Electric drills are widely used in the reinforcement of building beams, slabs, columns, walls, etc., decoration, wall installation, brackets, railings, billboards, outdoor air conditioners, guide rails, satellite receiver elevators, steel structure workshops, etc.

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