Analysis on Present Situation and Development Prospect of Electric Tool Industry

With the development of economic globalization and the rapid development of power tools market, the Internet has transformed the business model of many traditional industries over the years. As a traditional industry, power tools inevitably have to accept the challenge of the Internet. Many power tools companies embrace the e-commerce market in an attempt to avoid the subversive impact of marketing models. For now, the huge power tools industry is not lucky to be a fat part of the e-commerce develop.

Nowdays Electric tools transformation e-commerce in china can be seen everywhere, in the early years through the establishment of their own brand e-commerce platform, because the consumption of manpower, capital is too high, and can not reach the expected flow, began to be slowly abandoned, currently mainly in the third party B2C e-commerce platform, such as Tmall, JingDong, Su Ning, Amazon and so on. The benefit of entering the e-commerce market lies in the way of electric tools through the Internet to change their production, management, sales and other links, so that small and medium-sized brand power tools enterprises to obtain more opportunities, the future in their own hands.

What is the future of power tools?

1. as one of the common application tools, electric tools can be found everywhere, such as electric drill, chainsaw, cutting machine, angle grinder and so on. it is widely used, including mechanical industry, architectural decoration, landscaping, wood processing, financial processing and so on, which plays an indispensable role in social and economic development. As the largest developing country in China, electric tools have been classified as advanced equipment manufacturing industry.

2. the concept of online shopping has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, power tools with e-commerce sales model, will increase product liquidity, no longer limited to regional sales, at the same time, the brand awareness of enterprises will also improve, the launch of third-party platforms.

3. benefiting from the breakthrough of lithium technology, electric tools are gradually converted to clean energy power supply, battery capacity and safety of electric tools are expected to be greatly improved, and battery costs are constantly reduced. With the increase of popularization rate in the family, electric tools need to undertake a variety of uses, the breakthrough of electronic control technology, intelligent tools into the family, the industry development potential is huge.

Post time: May-06-2021