The working principle of electric hammer and matters needing attention in use

How an electric hammer works

Electric hammer is a kind of electric drill, mainly used for drilling in concrete, floor, brick wall and stone, multi-functional electric hammer can be matched with the appropriate drill with drill, hammer, hammer drill, shovel and other multi-functional purposes.

The electric hammer is driven by the transmission mechanism piston in a cylinder reciprocating compressed air, cylinder air pressure cycle change drives the cylinder in the hammer reciprocating to strike the top of the brick, as if we hit the brick with a hammer.

In addition to the electric hammer like the electric drill rotation and the function of forward and backward movement, usually electric hammer contains the function of the electric drill, and some electric hammer is also called the impact electric drill. The electric hammer is suitable for large diameter such as 30MM or more.

Working principle: the principle of electric hammer is that the transmission mechanism drives the drill bit to do rotating movement, and there is a direction perpendicular to the rotary head of the reciprocating hammer movement. The electric hammer is driven by the transmission mechanism piston in a cylinder reciprocating compressed air, cylinder air pressure cycle changes drive the cylinder in the hammer reciprocating against the top of the brick, as if we hit the brick with a hammer, hence the name of the Brushless electric hammer !
Personal protection when using a hammer

1. Operators should wear protective glasses to protect their eyes. When working face up, they should wear protective masks.

2, the long-term operation of the fortress good earplug, in order to reduce the impact of noise.

3. After long-term operation, the drill is in a scorching state. When replacing it, attention should be paid to burning skin.

4, the operation should use the side handle, both hands operation, to block the reverse force sprain the arm.

5, standing on the ladder or high work should do high fall measures, the ladder should be on the ground personnel support.

Precautions for hammer operation

1. Confirm whether the power supply connected on the site is consistent with the nameplate of the electric hammer. Whether there is a leakage protector.

2. Drill bit and gripper should be compatible and properly installed.

3. When drilling walls, ceilings and floors, we should first confirm whether there are buried cables or pipes.

4, in the height of the operation, to pay full attention to the following objects and pedestrian safety, when necessary to set up warning signs.

5. Confirm whether the switch on the hammer is cut off. If the power switch is switched on, the power tool will turn unexpectedly immediately when the plug is inserted into the power socket, which may lead to the risk of injury.

6. If the working place is far away from the power supply and the cable is needed to be extended, the extension cable with sufficient capacity and qualified installation should be used. If the extended cable passes through the pedestrian corridor, it should be elevated or measures should be taken to prevent the cable from being crushed and damaged.
Correct operation method of electric hammer

1, “drilling with impact” operation

(1) pull the working mode knob to the position of the impact rotary hole.

(2) put the drill bit into the position to be drilled, and then pull out the east switch trigger. The drill is only slightly pushed, so that the chip can be discharged freely, without hard push pressure.

2, “chisel, crushing” operation

(1) Pull the working mode knob to the position of “single hammering”.

(2) the use of the dead weight of the drilling rig for operation, do not need to push pressure.

3. “Drilling” operation

(1) Unplug the working mode knob to the “drilling” (no hammering) position.

(2) Put the drill bit on the position to be drilled, and then pull the switch trigger. Just give it a nudge.

Check the bit

The use of a dull or bent bit will result in abnormal motor overload surface conditions and reduce operating efficiency, so if such conditions are found, it should be replaced immediately.

Fastening screw inspection of hammer body

Due to the impact caused by the operation of electric hammer, the mounting screw of electric hammer fuselage is easy to become loose. The fastening situation should be checked frequently. If the screw is loose, it should be tightened again immediately, otherwise it will lead to the failure of electric hammer.

Check the carbon brush

The carbon brush on the motor is a consumable, once its wear degree exceeds the limit, the motor will fail, therefore, the worn carbon brush should be replaced immediately, in addition to the carbon brush must always be kept clean.

Check the protective grounding wire

The protection of grounding wire is an important measure to protect personal safety, so Ⅰ type appliances (metal shell) should be regularly checked their shell should be well grounded.

Brushless electric hammer

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