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Lithium Electric Hammer 26mm Zhl-26/zhl2-26v

Short Description:

Powerful, like a wired tool

Powerful and comparable to wired tools: The battery can process up to 145 boreholes on a single charge (6 x 40 mm, C30/37 concrete), ideal for outdoor work

Pneumatic hammering mechanism with chisel function optimized for drilling (8-16 mm) in concrete (Max. 26 mm)

The speed is comparable to that of the best 2kg wired hammer, thanks to its high single strike force (2.8J)

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The battery voltage:
Maximum single hammering force:
Impact rate at rated speed:
Rated speed chuck:
Scope of drilling:
Optional range of application for concrete when equipped with electric hammer drill:
Maximum bore diameter for metal:
Maximum bore diameter in wood:

21 V
2.6 J.
0-4350 BPM 0-980 rpm
SDS plus
4-26 mm
13 mm

Total vibration value (hammering holes in concrete)


Total vibration value (hammering holes in concrete)
The vibration emission value Ah13 m/s2
The uncertainty factor K 1.5 m/s2
Total vibration value (tighten screws)
The vibration emission value Ah2.5 m/s2
The uncertainty factor K1.5 m/s2


1. The most direct change of the brushless and low-interference brushless motor is that there is no electric spark generated when the brushless motor is running, which greatly reduces the interference of electric spark to remote control radio equipment;
2. Low noise, smooth operation of brushless motor without brush, operation friction is greatly reduced, smooth operation, noise will be much lower, more stable operation;
3. Long service life, low maintenance cost Less carbon brush, and reduce the maintenance cost of carbon brush replacement


Multi-channel ventilation and heat
Efficient heat dissipation
Long time use does not burn
Soet Leather Plastic

Forward and reverse switch forward
For drilling operations reverse
Used for exiting or chip removal when drilling and killing


SDS PLUS collet function adjusting button
Three-dimensional heat sink .brushless motor. REVERSE rotation

Humanized design
More features are more intimate
Soft leather rubber handle
Ergonomic design silicone handle
Comfortable grip for high intensity work

Stepless variable speed switch
Press to adjust the speed
Work more smoothly by improving efficiency

sad (1)

The copper wire
Run smoothly

Low loss
Speed is fast

The noise is small
Low maintenance

sad (2)

High efficiency
Low energy consumption

Strong power
Smooth operation

Live fast
Energy saving and power saving

Application scenarios of electric hammer

Widely used in construction, decoration and other industries, suitable for concrete,Brick wall, stone, etc
Electric drill function--With impact (mechanical CAM principle)
Suitable for concrete, brick wall, stone impact drilling and wood, metal,Ceramic tile drilling operation

Gravel broken wall

chisel groove slot

Piercing punch


Crushed stone chisel wall

Crushed stone chisel ground

Board perforated

Electric hammer comparison:

500W input powerful

Dont let bad product drag

wall in weak    Motor not durable  The oil is easy to leak .

Our products will solve this all problems

Plastic Blowing Box


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