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Hammer Drill Mk 24mm Zhm-24/zhm2-24

Short Description:

[Compact and lightweight] Easy to use even with this much power. Suitable for other bits can not be used in the place, a long time is also comfortable to hold

[Tough Gear] Durable aluminum housing protects gears and extends tool life.

The [LED Light] trigger activates and remains bright for 20 seconds after release, so you can see as you drill into a dark space.

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Rated input power:
Ability to Concrete:
Impact number (IPM):
Number of turns (RPM):
Volume (length x width x height):
The net weight:
The power cord:

24 mm (15/16 ")
13 mm (1/2 ")
32 mm (1 1/4 ")
370x84x214mm(14-1/2 "x3-5/16" by 8-3/8 ")
2.6 kg (5.9 LBS)
2.5 m (8.2 ft)

Detail presentation

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rtg (1)
rtg (4)

5 major protection functions: overvoltage protection, Overcharge protection, overtemperature protection, short circuit Let the continuous use of security!
Europe and the United States cable Professional quality strength brand hardcover tools
Adjustable depth gauge Professional quality strength brand hardcover tools
According to the practical use of the operator Make it controllable.
Anti-skid auxiliary handle Professional quality strength brand hardcover workers
The brand adopts non-slip handle to increase the adhesion with the human body


Application scenarios of electric hammer

Widely used in construction, decoration and other industries, suitable for concrete,Brick wall, stone, etc
Electric drill function--With impact (mechanical CAM principle)
Suitable for concrete, brick wall, stone impact drilling and wood, metal,Ceramic tile drilling operation

Gravel broken wall

chisel groove slot

Piercing punch


Crushed stone chisel wall

Crushed stone chisel ground

Board perforated

Plastic Blowing Box


Toolbox for power tools:
1.Very simple black box
2.After unpacking, the host, charger, battery, manual, and a few bit bits are clear at a glance
3.The 30-minute fast charger is not small
4.The nameplate of the charger, 3.2A charging current
5.The battery pack is combined with a fastener, which is relatively thick. If you want to remove it by yourself, you can open it by opening the three buttons.
6.The combination of the charger and the battery, fast charging in 30 minutes is really easy. The battery is fully charged when there is residual power. It takes about forty minutes to fully charge a fully empty battery in summer. And the high-speed charging feels the temperature at 30 degrees. It is not high, and the temperature control is very good.

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