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Rotary Hammer 24mm Zh-24/zh2-24

Short Description:

Rapid drilling and easy traversal – a powerful multi-functional device suitable for everyday use

The drilling rate leads the class of 2.6 kg hammer drill

With rotary stop function, can be used for chiseling

Impact stop, suitable for drilling wood and steel

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Input power:
Maximum drilling diameter (steel):
Maximum drilling diameter(wood):
Maximum drilling diameter (concrete):
Maximum drilling diameter brick (with hollow bit):
Rated speed:
Hammering rate:
Maximum single blow force:
Optimum drilling range:
Machine size:
Clamping system:

13 mm
0-930 rpm
0~4200 times/min
2.2 joules (based on EPTA standard)
SDS plus



1 Bit bottom and chuck mouth
2 The bit slowly turned down
3 Press a colleague to pull out the bit
Position corresponding to the
Press in place
Demolition completed. Chuck installation


Install the chuck on the drill bit (with The metal rod is screwed into the Alben chuck Put in the fastening screw and tighten it Bit installation method is consistent), so that Tighten the side hole with matching screwdriver

Application scenarios of electric hammer

Widely used in construction, decoration and other industries, suitable for concrete,Brick wall, stone, etc
Electric drill function--With impact (mechanical CAM principle)
Suitable for concrete, brick wall, stone impact drilling and wood, metal,Ceramic tile drilling operation

Gravel broken wall

chisel groove slot

Piercing punch


Crushed stone chisel wall

Crushed stone chisel ground

Board perforated

24mm rotary hammer introduction:

1. Flat drill function, flat drill is like ordinary electric hand drill, only drill, not hammer, mainly used for drilling wood, plastic, metal, or as a screwdriver.
2. Hammer drill mode. Hammer drill is also known as electric hammer. It will be hammered at the same time when drilling. It is mainly used to drill wall holes with good effect.
3. Chisel head angle adjustment. Strictly speaking, this is not an independent function, it is more like a supplement to the chiseling function. In this mode, there will be hammering, and the spindle will not rotate or lock. Simply speaking, it can be screwed.
4. Chiseling, the principle is the same as above, but the spindle will be locked at this time.

Plastic Blowing Box


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