What is the difference between electric drill, impact drill and electric hammer?

We often use hand drills, percussion drills, Electric Hammer 32mm and other drilling tools in our lives, but there are few people who are not professionals who understand the difference between these three. Today, Xiaohui will explain the difference between electric drill, percussion drill and electric hammer.

Hand drill: It is only suitable for drilling metal and wood, screwing screws, etc., not for drilling concrete.

Impact drill: In addition to drilling metal and wood, it can also drill brick walls and ordinary concrete. But if it is pouring reinforced concrete, percussion drilling will be more difficult to drill.

Electric Hammer 32mm: It can drill hard concrete, can penetrate walls, and has high drilling efficiency. It can drill holes in concrete for a long time.
Because the impact drill relies on two impact gears to collide and rub against each other to produce impact, and the electric hammer is the cylinder piston movement to produce the impact, so the impact force of the electric hammer is much greater than that of the ordinary impact drill.

The impact drill is only in the impact gear when drilling the wall. All other times, the electric drill is used. The impact drill can drill ceramic tiles. The specific operations are as follows:

Method 1: When drilling ceramic tiles with an impact drill, start at a slow speed and increase slowly so that the tiles will not crack.

Method 2: If you are a novice who is afraid of cracking the tiles, you can use ceramic drills to drill the tiles. The corners of the tiles are the easiest to crack. At this time, you can use a glass drill bit to penetrate the tile (you must add water when using a glass drill bit), and then use an impact drill bit to drill into the concrete. When drilling holes, you must pay attention to the direction of rotation of the drill chuck. Turning to the right is a forward rotation. The drilling must be forward rotation. Otherwise, the reverse rotation will not only fail to penetrate, and it will be easier to break the drill.

Post time: Jul-05-2022